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Lead Generation

The perfect platform that capacitates your sales and increases the revenue by providing you an impeccable lead generation funnel

From an instant Spot Buy to short or long-term contracts, TDAUX handles it all, providing you a robust platform to build a healthy and robust sales pipeline.

Comprehensive Procurement

Whether it is an RFI, RFQ or Auction for a contractual blanket purchase or a simple spot-buy for non-contracted goods, TDAUX makes it comprehensive, simple and accessible on the go, so you can take decisions in a timely manner and keep your entire team and suppliers on the same page.

Partner-Network Management

Now you can manage your entire supply chain network on a single dashboard.

From an up-chain of vendors, service providers, contractors, OEMs or a down-chain of distributors, dealers, wholesalers, stockists, retailers or clients, with TDAUX everyone is within the reach of a single click.

Expand Your

Customer Base

We know how business banks on sales leads to boost sales and expand the customer base. 'TDAUX Lead Engine' aligns the right buyers to right suppliers.

When you are on A Smart Business Grid, you do not only increase your brand visibility but also efficiently scale your existing customer relationships, discover new opportunities, expand your business network, and add new customers.


Procurement Platform

For a world-class procurement, TDAUX provides you with a user-friendly platform, that gives all the necessary details of the relevant data you need on a single dashboard.

TDAUX enables purchasing process with, user-defined criteria based vendor rating, an intelligent negotiation engine with quick references to the history, single-click quote comparison with smart bid leveling, secured document share, instant communication, and collaboration tools to make the procurement process a lot more business-centric.

A 360° of your

Business Network

TDAUX gives you a comprehensive picture of your end-to-end supply chain; with a complete log of all dealings, documents, and communications on a single dashboard, so you can make informed decisions.

Now you can access your partner's detail profile, keep updated about their capabilities, know who's who in their organization, assign an authorized point of contact and reduce the risk of ambiguity and improve the turnaround time.

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Across Devices

Accessing all your business information seamlessly across the devices is like a dream come true. You are not confined to your office anymore; now you can work from anywhere!

TDAUX brings your sales, procurement, partner network, communications, and documents seamlessly across the devices; so you can do business with ease.


Trade Directory

Power of Networking

Feel the power of networking! With TDAUX, you can build a strong customer base and a sustainable network of suppliers.

Now you can search for new customers, explore their requirements, or look for sustainable suppliers, view their business profiles, and send business requests to each other. Whether you are looking for a dealership, or want to become a vendor to another company, TDAUX connects you to the right people.

It's a friendly world out there, You Just Have to ASK!


A Paperless World

Manage all your reporting, audits, and surveys, and other essentials right from your mobile. Our advance e-forms not only allows you to go paperless but also saves processing time and money!

You can easily create your own custom templates and your users can fill and submit it right from their mobiles. So you get the data in your desired format.


Instant Messaging

In Business, communication speed and precise contact point matters, and when someone is on vacation or has left the company, things linger for weeks and sometimes months, costing you time and money both.

BMS, a specially designed business messaging system, not only sends messages instantly but also connects you to the right people without even your asking!

As in TDAUX, one can transfer accounts or assign rights and duties to another employee/s when someone is on vacation or leaves the organization, so the business can keep going...!


A Document Vault

Object-level access control based document storage and sharing gives a new dimension to the security and management of your documents.

T-Cloud makes it easy to store, search, and share documents. Now you don't have to remember in which directory you downloaded the file and hop around different directories and various versions of the same file. With T-Cloud, all your documents are accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


We Collaborate

TDAUX comes with a complete set of collaboration tools; Now you, your team and partner organizations can collaborate without jumping between applications!

A set of collaboration tools integrated on a single platform, along with the power of Big Data technology, compiles all your RFQ, RFI, Auctions, Leads, Communications, Documents, and e-Form's data, indexes them and makes it instantly available, so you can have precise information at your fingertips to collaborate and make decisions.

Business at Your Fingertips
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Make it happen on the go...! Do not let your busy schedule delay your important business decisions. Now you can monitor your business and make timely decisions, never loosing any opportunity!

Get 360° view of your
Business Network

View your entire supply chain in one click, from suppliers, service provider, dealers, distributors to retailers. Now you can manage, communicate, collaborate, and view all your dealings from a single dashboard.

With micro level access control, you can define which team member deals with which partner; and with transferable user accounts, employee churning or transfer of duties is also not a problem as the new person gets the entire history of all dealings and communications, so he can make informed decisions.


It's Time To Transform
Your Business

Imagine, your Sales, Purchase and a Supply Chain data are flowing through your mobile; enabling you to make timely decisions, keeping you connected with your team and your entire business network, without even a hitch! In the modern world, size does not matter, whether you are a small, medium, or large all you need is the right platform.

Whether you are looking for sales lead or procuring through RFQ, RFI, Auction or a requirement posting, TDAUX is for you. Our AI-powered lead management engine, backed by Big-Data technology, channelizes the industry-specific demand to the right suppliers. So every buyer gets the right supplier, and every supplier gets the right buyer.

So what are you waiting for? Transform your business now...



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